Selasa, 31 Mei 2011

Most Liked Sex Positions Women

1. The Bronco Buster Sex Potition
This position is the position most favored by the girls because of the position girl on top and men are under, with a position like this girl can feel more in touch than Mr. husbands, so women can more quickly wet and girls can manage control. With the movement laterally and up and down the girl will feel more pleasure.
2. Lock and Pose Sex Potition
This position is similar to the position of the horses, with his wife sleeping face down and legs bent upward and the position of his wife's hand holding the chest and head, and her husband were on top, gently put it, with this position because she would quickly wet a sensitive area easily tersentuk, and is most comfortable position if the position of both legs pressed together, but make sure Mr. husband has been fed.

3. Private-Lap-Dance Sex Potition
With the position of men and women sleeping on your back sitting on the man but were not exposed position, and position women leg slightly bent back and both arms held badanya, with a position like this woman can feel more deeply Mr. into the area Ms. With increasing drop his ass then the girl will feel a great sensation and the women also hold full control of pleasure that is felt

4. Raising The Mast Sex Potition
Similar to the position of the comfort zone, but the position of women both legs lifted up, propped dipundak men, and men sitting position or can be jongkoh to hold his wife's ass with deeper movement back and forth. With this position of men with neutralizing free woman slowly while holding the balance of women.

5. The Comfort Zone Sex Potition
With the woman lying below and above man, but the position of one woman's leg straight and one bent slightly, leaning on his thigh, with movement back and forth. With this position he can be free hand grabbing, holding and fondle women for women are more aroused and enjoy it.

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