Jumat, 03 September 2010

Orgasm, Make Skin Glow

ORGASM, makes blood flow faster to the entire body. This process makes the skin glow, improve metabolism, and cure stomach cramps due to menstruation. Emotionally, orgasms also makes us more relaxed and not quick-tempered.

In a survey, 34 percent of women hope that their partner to reach the big O, she hopes that her partner reaches orgasm in lovemaking. While 50 percent wished they had reached orgasm. Thus the dinukil of Art Enjoying Sex work of Andrew Lee Tan.

Women also experienced a wet dream

Approximately 40 percent of men admit that women fake an orgasm. Approximately 40 percent are not sure of that, the rest to make sure that their partner had never experienced it. Make no mistake, 92 percent of women admit that they acted at least once pretended to have orgasms during lovemaking.

Simultaneous orgasm is considered a kaharusan for 25 percent of men and 14 percent female.

3-2-1 pattern is often applied to love: three minutes to forerplay, two minutes to get laid, and one minute to orgasm.

Experts estimate approximately 10-15 percent of women never orgasm during sex or masturbation. The same percentage to reach orgasm through masturbation.

Associated with orgasm, as much as 75 percent of women considered foreplay is more important than sexual relationships. Whereas sufficient heating will allow a more intense orgasm. (NSA)

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